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Overall quark performance

Type Chip Hashrate Power H/W Cost* Reward Profit** Int Freq
GPUX Pascal39.825 MH228 W174.901 kH0.382240.00000-0.38224-1531
GPU1080 Ti39.787 MH217 W183.301 kH0.364370.00000-0.36437-1680
GPU108027.676 MH137 W201.527 kH0.230540.00000-0.23054-1794
GPU107025.663 MH142 W181.19 kH0.237760.00000-0.2377661801
GPU98019.11 MH185 W103.438 kH0.310140.00000-0.31014111291
GPUP106-10016.843 MH89 W189.243 kH0.149400.00000-0.14940111708
GPU1060 6GB16.684 MH100 W167.233 kH0.167480.00000-0.16748121734
GPU1060 3GB14.969 MH85 W176.555 kH0.142330.00000-0.14233-1768
GPU1050 Ti8.815 MH---0.00000--1392
GPUZotac P106-0908.682 MH58 W149.427 kH0.097530.00000-0.09753231531
GPU9508.173 MH86 W94.927 kH0.144540.00000-0.1445423-
GPU965M6.126 MH---0.00000--1150
GPU7301.341 MH---0.00000--901

* Device power cost per day based on 0.25 USD per kWh
** Reward and profit are based on the average estimates from the last 24 hours

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